About Us

Our Company: NatureMadeHides

Nature Made Hides is committed to offering to our international clientele the finest quality in leather rugs, with and without hair, at affordable prices.
Our leather rugs are crafted of superior quality Argentine leather, and make beautiful stylish rugs, as well as wall and furniture coverings. Argentina is known to produce some of the finest quality cowhides in the world. Our natural Argentinean cowhides are beautiful and unique by nature, as no two hides are exactly the same. In this uniqueness lies the beauty of them.
Custom Design. We are distinctive among our competitors as we fully customize the patched versions of our designs or pillow covers. Please, ask us for any design of your particular like or need. Contact us for advice. We will be delighted to provide it.
Delivery. Our products are delivered worldwide door to door to such markets as the USA and Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Nature Made Hides welcomes reseller inquiries that might further expand our international business.

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Our Technology: Focus on Quality

Argentina is a country rich in untainted natural resources including its vast grasslands and bountiful bovine population, which allows us to obtain an abundant quantity of the highest quality leather. 
Nature Made Hides have developed a net of recollection spots to ensure you that, if you need an specific type of skin, we can locate it.

Our cowhides can be easily cleaned of many stains with soap and water using a sponge. Steam cleaning is a possibility, as long as the hide is not soaked with water.

Finally, after critical inspection, our rugs or coverings are safely packed and shipped to our customers all over the world.

Our Freight Service: Focus on Handling

It is Nature Made Hides philosophy that offering an efficient delivery service is just as important as offering high quality products. We utilize a comprehensive system to inform our clients of all aspects of their orders. Although exact delivery times depend on many factors; the location of the customer, if the item you purchase is in stock or is made to order; we offer a quick overall turnaround of product. Stock items may be delivered worldwide within one week, while customized items may be delivered worldwide within 3-4 weeks.
Please feel free to contact us for specific delivery time information.

All items are packaged and handled with extreme care to insure that the goods arrive in proper condition. We currently use DHL for all deliveries, which has dramatically decreased our delivery times and helps us to cater to our customers' needs with respect to order delivery tracking and follow-up. Customers are able to track their deliveries from the departure in Argentina to the end destination.

Our Workshop Photos

Located in the "Mataderos" neighbor, our facility of 250 sq meters (sq feet 2600) produces the best leather rugs in the market. We have been developed new designs for our customers. Our main focus is in customized items for the more exclusive markets in the World. Feel free to contact us anytime. If you are planning to come to Argentina just contact us by mail sales@naturemadehides.com to set an appointment to visit our Showroom and Workshop.